The Last Ship S05 [Season 5] All Episode Complete Download 720p 480p Quality WEB-DL

The Last Ship S05 [Season 5] All Episode Complete Download 720p 480p Quality WEB-DL

Stars: Travis Van Winkle, Jocko Sims, Eric Dan

Rating: 7.5 out og 10

Genre: Drama, Action, Sci-Fi

Quality: WEB-DL

Language: English

Play Network: TNT

Story Line: The four-month mission of the Nathan James Navy was completed in Antarctica. Commodore Tom Chandler and other crew members are returning to the country and are being attacked by foreign troops when boarding Rachel Scott, a microbiological researcher in the South Pole conducting series tests. But this is just a start because the White House spokeswoman, now the Provisional Provisional Enforcement Officer, has called on him to report the death of the president and the spread of an unknown virginity all over the world, causing the death of 80% of the world’s population and causing the world to Anarchy has plummeted and apparently Rachel Scott, who first observed the virus in Cairo, and followed by Antarctica, was the only hope of finding a vaccine for disease. And this is the beginning of Nathan James’s latest mission: surviving and trying to save the human race from the danger of extinction in an apocalyptic world.

Download The Last Ship S05 [Season 5] All Episode Complete 

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